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European Mountains presents a comprehensive at the same time simple to read travel guide to the beautiful mountains of Europe.

Europe, one of the seven continents has an amazing array of mountain ranges. Comparatively smaller in size than other continents, its mountain ranges are spread out in the continent adding to its picturesque beauty and rich cultures! The main mountain ranges of Europe are as follows:

  • The Ural Mountains separate Europe from Asia. The highest mountain range here is Mount Narodnaya at 6,217 ft. Known for its dense coniferous forest and rich soils minerals and gemstones like topaz and beryl, copper, zinc, platinum, silver and gold are found here. Some of the chief industrial cities of Russia namely Perm, Nizhniy Tagil, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Magnitogorsk, and Orsk are situated here.
  • Caucasus Mountains also separate Europe and Asia. These ranges are divided into the greater Caucasus ranges and the lower Caucasus mountain both connected by the Likhi range. The highest point of these ranges is Mount Elbrus at 18506 ft. The Caucasus Mountains are known for high amount of snowfall. These rugged mountains are home to two species of the Caucasus turs or mountain goats,
  • The Carpathian mountains in central Europe range low from 3000 to 5000 ft however they form an arc across central and eastern mountains making them second longest mountain ranges of Europe. The snowy mountains are a heaven destinations for skiers, hikers and cyclist. The largest city here is Rzeszow.
  • The Alps are the famous European Mountains known for its breathtaking slopes. The Alps has many prominent mountain ranges with its highest being Mount Blanc at 15,782 ft. The beautiful Alps are famous for its ski resorts namely Chamonix(France), Cortina(Italy), Davos(Switzerland), Kitzbuhel(Austria), Seefeld(Austria), etc. The Alps is a home to more than 50 million visitors a year. Mountaineering, paragliding, mountain biking, and hiking are popular during the summer . snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing and tobogganing are popular in the Alps during the winter. Winter tours are normally available from the month of December till April.
  • The Appennine Mountains is the source for all Italian rivers namely Arno, Tiber, Volturno, etc. The highest range here is the Mount Corno Grande at 9,554 ft. The two best-known active volcanoes her are the Mounts Versuvius and the Etna. Earthquakes are also frequently around southern part of the Appennine.
  • The Pyrenees form the natural border between France and Spain. The highest point here is the Pico de Aneto standing tall at 11,168 ft. A rich cultural background inclusive of historic monasteries, churches, castles, palaces etc can be witnessed here.
  • The Pennines Mountains are low rising mountains running through central England. The Pennines act as a crucial water catchment area.
  • The Scandinavian mountains are not very tall, but are steep. Mount Kebnekaise is the highest peak at 6,903 ft. The combination of the location and moisture from the North Atlantic Ocean has caused the formation of many icebergs and glaciers, which coupled with the steep mountains, create spectacular scenery around these ranges!

    'The European Mountains form an integral part of Europe's breathtaking landscape'!

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Mount Mulhacen, Spain

Geographic Location
Mulhacen is the highest mountain of Pyrenees and the Iberian peninsula of Spain with altitude of about 3,482 metres. The proximity of the Mulhacen with the Mediterranean Sea makes the position of mountain special. This mountain is a part of range of Sierra Nevada. Mulhacen named after Muley Hacen, Granada’s King during fifteenth century, who was buried in the summit of this mountain. This is also 3rd prominent peak topographically in the Western Europe.

Mount Moldoveanu, Romania

Geographic Location
Mount Moldoveanu with altitude of about 2,544 metres is situated in the mountain range of Fagaras in Southern Carpathians. This mountain has its twin mountain Vistea Mare that is only 17 metres lower than Mount Moldoveanu. Moldoveanu is considered to be the highest mountain of Romania. Victoria is the nearest town to Moldoveanu on the north side, and in the south side the Campulung is closer to the mountain.

Mount Jiehkkevarri, Norway

Geographic Location
Mount Jiehkkevarri of Lyngen Alps is the highest mountain of that Alps with altitude of about 1,833 metres. This mountain is situated on the boundaries of Lyngen and Tromso. Jiekkevarri is the 2nd highest prominence of Norway mountain range. Lakselvbukt, a small community is found few kilometres on the left of Jiehkkevarri.

Mount Grossglockner, Austria

Geographic Location
Mount Grossglockner is the highest mountain of eastern Alps with an altitude of about 3,728 metres. This is also considered as highest mountain of Austria. The mountain lies in the city of Salzburg, and stretches its borders between East Tyrol in one end and Carinthia in other end. This mountain contains Pastreze, the biggest glacier of Austria.

Mount Zugspitze, Germany

Geographic Location
Zugspitze Mountain is the highest mountain of Wetterstein range with altitude of about 2,962 metres. The mountain is situated south of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (a small town), and is bordered by Austria and Germany on its western side.

The flanks of Zugspitze has three large glaciers of German namely Northern Schneeferner covering area of 30.7 ha, Hollentalferner covering area of about 24.7 ha, and Southern Schneeferner with area of 8.4 ha.

Mount Grosser Priel, Austria

Geographic Location
Grosser Priel of Totes Gebrige with the altitude of 2,515 metres is the highest peak of this range. This mountain is also considered as the highest peak of the province of Oberoesterreich in Austria. This highest mountain has a 700 metres steep face on the Obere Ackergrube, and the Hetzau valley at the foot of the mountain.

Mount Viso, Italy

Geographic Location
Mount Viso of Cottian Alps is about 3,841 metres in altitude and is considered to be the highest mountain of the eastern Alps. This mountain though being situated in Italy is almost close to the border of French. Viso is popular with its pyramid shape and is higher than its neighbouring mountain at least by 500 metres.

Mount Gerlach, Slovakia

Geographic Location
Mount Gerlach is the highest mountain of High Tatras in Slovakia with an altitude of about 2,655 metres. This mountain stretches itself for about 1500 kilometres in the north and eastern part of the Central Europe. The mountain is surrounded by Poland in north, Low Tatras in south and Ukraine in west.

Punta La Marmora, Italy

Geographic Location
Punta la Marmora Mountain located in Barbagia range of Sardinia province is the highest peak of that island. With altitude of about 1,833 meters, Marmora is a part of the mountain range of Gennargentu and Supramonte. The mountain range experiences Mediterranean and subtropical climate. The precipitation here is about 39” in mountains and 24” in plains.

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