Mount Gerlach, Slovakia

Geographic Location
Mount Gerlach is the highest mountain of High Tatras in Slovakia with an altitude of about 2,655 metres. This mountain stretches itself for about 1500 kilometres in the north and eastern part of the Central Europe. The mountain is surrounded by Poland in north, Low Tatras in south and Ukraine in west.

This mountain is popularly known as the Smallest High Range of mountain in the world. Mount Gerlach separates the Gerlachovske saddle at the crotch of the peak. When observed from valleys at the foot, the mountain seem to look like a pyramid that gives a giant feel.

How to Reach
By Air:
At present there are no regular flights to Tatra, but some private flights from aeroclub from German and Austria fly occasionally.

By Rail:
There is good train service in High Tatra from the nearby cities such as Porpad (about 25 km) and Smokovec. Other railway station you can access includes Bratislava (249 km) to reach High Tatra in four hours. Apart from this, the Tatra Electic Railways connects the important villages of the mountains range.

By Road:
The routes to High Tatra from nearby cities are well connected by public and private transports. There are regular buses from Bratislava and Poprad to the destination. You can also have a drive the foot of the mountain from the main cities of Slovakia.

Tourist Destinations
The mountain has technical routes for the challenging climbers to start from Sliezskly Dom Hut.
Mount Gerlach is covered by snow all the year and finds it as a best skiing spot. Apart from these adventure activities you can also enjoy cycling activity in this mountain range.
The mountain contains several face climbs and alpine rocks for years together with alpine vegetation.
The Tatranska Lomnica is a famous ski resort of Mount Gerlach. The TANAP museum of Tatranska Lomnica is main attraction of this place.
The cable railway system operated from Tatranska Lomnica provides you bird’s perspective view of the mountain.
The Velicka Valley lies in the eastern slope of Mount of Gerlach, and stretches about 6 kilometres with its pastures and greeneries. The Batizovska Lake of this valley is another interesting attraction. The waterfall of Velicky vodopad is a beautiful scenic place with the waterfall surrounded by flowers all the side. This waterfall is also called as the Flower Garden (Kvetnica).

Where to Stay

  • Some of the hotels of nearby town are listed below to help you have a comfortable stay during your trip to Mount Gerlach
  • Hotel Hubert Vital Resort
  • Horsky Hotel Sliezsky dom
  • Grand Hotel Bellevue
  • Privat Penzion Delta
  • Hotel Palace Tivoli