Mount Grosser Priel, Austria

Geographic Location
Grosser Priel of Totes Gebrige with the altitude of 2,515 metres is the highest peak of this range. This mountain is also considered as the highest peak of the province of Oberoesterreich in Austria. This highest mountain has a 700 metres steep face on the Obere Ackergrube, and the Hetzau valley at the foot of the mountain.

How to Reach
By Air:
You can fly to Linz Airport, the nearest airport to reach Grosser Priel. The airport is about 110 kilometres from Grunau (a town near Grosser Priel). Munich and Salzburg Airports can also be the choice to reach the destination from other parts of German and Austria.
By Rail:
The Linz railway station connects the city with main cities and towns of Austria. The train stops at a distance of about 21 kilometres.
By Road:
There are buses from Windischgarsten and Hinterstoder to the foot of Grosser Priel. You can also drive from the nearby cities to the towns at the foot of Grosser Priel.

Tourist Destinations

  • The mountain has rocky terrain, but is not much difficult to reach the summit. The common route is through Prielschutzhaus. This is alpine hut at the southern end of Grosser Priel. You can also start hike at the northern end from Welser Hutte.
  • The hiking activity is found to be easy but quite long at Mount Grosser Priel, so it is better to have a stay at the huts found on the way of your hike.
  • The Skiing activity on the mountain is possible up to 2,515 metres. This is the most challenging route for experienced skiers. Skiing would really be interesting and would take about ten to twelve hours. The best months for skiing are the end of April and May.
  • Apart from skiing, one can also enjoy speed riding activity in this mountain range, that thrills you to the core.
  • You can have a panoramic view of the mountain from the summit after a long hike, making you feel refreshed.
  • Some other huts on the way include Priel Schutzhaus, Almtaler Haus, and Welser Huette.
  • Hinterstoder, the nearby town of Grosser Priel is a favourite spot for ski race.

Where to Stay
Some of the hotels of nearby town are listed below to help you have a comfortable stay during your trip to Mount Grosser Priel

  • Naturidyll Hotel Dietlgut
  • Vital Hotel Stoderhof
  • Berghof Sturmgut
  • Relax & Wanderhotel Poppengut
  • Berghotel Hinterstoder