Mount Grossglockner, Austria

Geographic Location
Mount Grossglockner is the highest mountain of eastern Alps with an altitude of about 3,728 metres. This is also considered as highest mountain of Austria. The mountain lies in the city of Salzburg, and stretches its borders between East Tyrol in one end and Carinthia in other end. This mountain contains Pastreze, the biggest glacier of Austria.

The pyramid shape of the peak has 2 pinnacles namely Grossglockner and Kleinglockner that are separated by Glocknerscharte- a saddle like formation. You can climb up the peak of Grossglockner and view almost 240 Km. This makes it the only farthest peak of Eastern Alps making it possible to view 150,000 Sq. Km of the surface of earth from its summit.

How to Reach
By Air:
The Salzburg Airport is the main airport near Mount Grossglockner that has flights from several parts of Europe. From this Airport you can reach Klas valley (90 Km aprrox) by one and a half hours journey on road. Other airports near the destination are Innsbruck Uni Klinik Airport (100 Km) and Klagenfurt Airport (130 Km).
By Rail:
You can choose to reach Zell Am see station from nearby important cities including Salzburg in north, Innsbruck in west, Bruck in south. From Zell Am See you reach the nearby valleys of the mountain within half an hour.
By Road:
The High Alpine Road from Salzburg to Mount Grossglockner is well laid for a perfect drive enjoying the scenic beauty of the place. Apart from this, public transportation of OBP Postbus regularly from Zeel Am see to the mountain road makes you enjoy the glaciers view on the way.

Tourist Destinations

  • The skiing is the popular adventure sport of Austria, and the professional skiers of this country ranks top in the world skiing records. Mount Grossglockner is a perfect spot for a skier, with its various ski resorts including the Heiligenblut ski resort.
  • The High Alpine Road of Grossglockner is one of the main attractions of Austria that records about 1.2 million tourists every year. This road reaches an altitude of about 2572 metres and is open throughout the year except the months of winter.
  • Mount Grossglockner is situated in the National Park of Hohe Tauren. This national park with some rare species of plants such as Sonderschutzgebiet Gamsgrube protects the ecosystem of the mountain to a far extent.
  • The Alps with its rich flora and fauna gives pleasure to the mountaineers during their hike. Edelweiss-the national flower of Austria with some more rare species of flowers such as Enzian are found in this mountain range.
  • The National Pak also dwells with some animal species such as marmots, chamois, and ibexes that are adapted to alpine habitat. But these habitats do not hinder the mountaineers on their way up the peak.
  • The Kalser Tal velley near the small village of Kals and the Moll valley near Heiligenblut are the must spots of the mountain. These valleys with pastures and waterfalls all its way becomes favourite spot for the nature lovers.
  • The Moll valley was once the place of gold mining activity, so has a Mining Museum in Schloss Grosskircheim.
  • The Gothic parish Church of Moll valley built in honour of Saint Martin has one of the fine art pieces of Austria.
  • The Kodnitz Church of Kals valley is one of the ancient churches of the place, which was built in 1439.
  • On the way from city of Salzburg to the mountain you could find the fortress of Hohensalzburg, which is the best place of heritage.
  • The Krimmler waterfall some kilometres from the mountain is the highest waterfalls of Europe. So one should not miss this waterfall on the way to mount Grossglockner

Where to Stay
Some hotels near mount Grossglockner for a comfortable stay

  • Hotel Tauernstern
  • Hotel Kärntnerhof
  • Hotel Stadlwirt
  • Pension Bergkristall