Mount Jiehkkevarri, Norway

Geographic Location
Mount Jiehkkevarri of Lyngen Alps is the highest mountain of that Alps with altitude of about 1,833 metres. This mountain is situated on the boundaries of Lyngen and Tromso. Jiekkevarri is the 2nd highest prominence of Norway mountain range. Lakselvbukt, a small community is found few kilometres on the left of Jiehkkevarri.

The name got derived from the word jiehkki- meaning “glacier” and varri- meaning “mountain” in Sami Language. Jiehkkevarri is also known as Mount Blanc of North Alps because of few similarities. The summit of the mountain looks like a glaciated dome, and the peak is considered as the finest hiking spot of Norway.

How to Reach
By Air:
The Troms Airport is the easily accessible airport to reach Jiehkkevarri within an hour. Oslo airport is another option with takes about 2 hours to reach the foot of the mountain.
By Ferry:
There is transportation between Tromso and Lyngen by ferry that takes you easily access to another.
By Road:
The public bus transportation (TIRB) of Lyngen had regular services in and around the Alps range. Apart from this, you can also drive to the foot of Jiehkkevarri from nearby cities.

Tourist Destinations

  • There are different choices to climb the summit of Jiehkkevarri, and the usual route is by Holm Bay Peak. As the peak is cover by glacier throughout the year, it is best to climb the summit from other nearby peaks. The Holmbukttind is the easier peak chosen to reach the summit of Jiehkkevarri. The best months to limb are July and August. Fugledalsbreen is used often to descent the mountain, and is also used for ascent occasionally.

  • The Skiing activity on all directions of the mountain is possible up to 1100 metres. This is the most challenging route for experienced skiers. Skiing from the Fugldalen Valley would really be interesting and would take about ten to twelve hours. The best months for skiing are the end of April and May.

  • One who visits this mountain between 20th May and 20th July must not miss to see the Midnight Sun that prevails in this region during this particular period. You can enjoy this in a ear sky.

  • From August to April, the Northern Light can be seen due to the solar wind that reaches the atmosphere around the North Pole.

Where to Stay
There are some hotels you in the Lyngen mountain range for a comfortable stay

  • Reisafjord Hotel

  • Norlandia

  • Storslett Hotell

  • Raisi Hotell

  • Welcome Inn Hotel Lyngskroa

  • Rica Ishavshotel Tromso

  • Rica Ishavshotel