Mount Viso, Italy

Geographic Location
Mount Viso of Cottian Alps is about 3,841 metres in altitude and is considered to be the highest mountain of the eastern Alps. This mountain though being situated in Italy is almost close to the border of French. Viso is popular with its pyramid shape and is higher than its neighbouring mountain at least by 500 metres.

Mount Viso is called as ‘King of Rock’ because of its position standing high between the nearby peaks. The name of the mountain is derived from the Latin word Vesulus that means visible. This mountain is visible from about 100 kilometres away, thus suits the name.

How to Reach
By Air:
The Turin Cuneo Airport is the nearby and easily accessible airport. From Turin you can reach Crissolo (a village near Mount Viso) by half an hour drive (35 Kilometres).
By Rail:
The Saluzzo station is the nearest railway station to Crissolo. The station is around 32 kilometres from Crissolo that takes hardly half an hour drive to reach the destination.
By Road:
There are well connected routes in and around the villages of Mount Viso. The regular bus service from Saluzzo to Crissolo helps offers easy accessibility. You can then drive in the narrow scenic roads till Pian del Re that is about 9 kilometres from Crissolo.

Tourist Destinations
The Viso Peak is the favourite destination for all the hikers of Italy and France. Many people climb the peak in summer for better visibility. The normal route to the summit would be very difficult, and so the hikers go by different routes to reach the peak. It is better to have a stay in the hut of Quintino Sella for a night and continue the journey.

The Po valley, located near the Mount Viso finds a better place for nature lovers. The vegetation with flora on the way makes our eyes turn around for a moment. The valley is also featured with excellent wildlife. The valley is called as the paradise of ski-alpinism, with its favourite spot for skiing.

Crissolo is a nearby village that is adaptable for the snowboarders and intermediate skiers. Apart from this the place also has some terrains for the experts to enjoy. The ski trails of Crissol extend to about 3 kilometres.
Sanfront, a town at the foot of Mount Viso has ancient churches including Church of Robella and Church of Rocchetta with are of great importance.

The Lake of Grande di Viso gives a majestic look to the landscape of the mountain range.

Where to Stay

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