Punta La Marmora, Italy

Geographic Location
Punta la Marmora Mountain located in Barbagia range of Sardinia province is the highest peak of that island. With altitude of about 1,833 meters, Marmora is a part of the mountain range of Gennargentu and Supramonte. The mountain range experiences Mediterranean and subtropical climate. The precipitation here is about 39” in mountains and 24” in plains.

How to Reach

By Air:
Tortoli Airport is at a distance of about 32 kilometres from Marmora. So you can choose to fly to Tortoli and then take a half an hour drive to the destination. There is also another option of Olbia Airport that is approximately 120 kilometres from Marmora.

By Rail:
You need to catch train to Aritzo and then reach Desulo (a small town near Marmora) that is hardly seven to eight kilometres from the station. You can also reach Olbis railway station and then have a drive to Fonni (a nearby town of Marmora).

By Road:
There is much dependency on private transportation than public transportation in and around Marmora. Several mini-buses and taxis run in and around the towns of Marmora connecting the main cities of Italy.

Tourist Attractions
Marmora is a mountain that can be climbed without taking much effort. However, the vertical ascent of about 600 metres in this mountain should be climbed up with special attention.

The highest point of Marmora is a part of Gennargentu range and is found to have smooth ridges. From this point you can have a magnificent view of the entire Sardinia Island. If you climb up the peak in a sunny day with clear sky, you are lucky to watch even the coastline of the island and the nearby peaks.

Though it is easy to climb the mountain, you just need a night halt or sometimes a place for a nap during your journey up the peak. There are several huts on the way to the peak including Cantoniera Masonedili, Cantoniera Genna Scalas, Cantoniera di Genna Silana, and Cantoniera sa Rena

The mountain is also rich in flora and fauna, where you can find some rare species of wild flowers and animals such as golden eagles and mufflons.

Granite is the main type of stone found here, and the entire peak looks like a granite rock. From the summit, you can find the shades of the stone in bluish grey colour all around the rock.

The Lago Alto Flumendosa is an artificial lake formed by the dam of that area that measures about 268 mteres of height. This lake is the longer lake which is seventeen kilometres long and 500 meters wide. This lake is a spot of scenic beauty.

Fonni, a town near Marmora is known for its beauty and is unique spot for winter-ski piste. You can also find craft articles of different styles in this town. The town is bestowed with lakes and woods, attracting tourism all through the year. People who visit Fonni during August would get an opportunity to watch the Palio- a horse race famous in this town.

Where to Stay
Some hotels in and around the towns of Marmora are listed below for you comfortable stay

  • Parco Donnortei
  • B&B Oliena
  • Enis Monte Maccione
  • Hotel Taloro
  • Su Caramu Guest House
  • Nughe 'e' Oro B&B
  • Santa Rughe Guest House
  • Residence Grandi Magazzini